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Òpera a Catalunya has joined the programme conceived to disseminate the arts of the Libraries Service of the Government of Catalonia with the creation of a series of opera clubs.

The goal of the project is to stimulate dialogue and knowledge with respect to the opera world, to disseminate experience in this field and to facilitate access to lyric and music generally across Catalonia, without prejudice to other collaborations in related spheres and in other geographical areas.

The more than 400 public libraries located throughout Catalonia are an ideal channel and facilitator for this activity. Indeed, the clubs are dynamic meeting points that incentivise dialogue and knowledge about opera through the shared reading of accessible essays, biographies of singers and composers, novels, plays, and commented viewings and listenings.

In short, this project seeks to draw new audiences for both the libraries and opera.


“Òpera a les Biblioteques” (Opera at the Libraries) offers a series of interesting activities to the curious, reading- and music-loving users of libraries throughout Catalonia.

The Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia provides support material for the clubs: sets of books together with videos and chosen audio recordings from eBibiocat, the digital library of the public libraries of Catalonia.

The project will generally culminate at each library with two complementary activities:

  • A conference about the respective opera piece produced by AAOS and FOC (3-4 productions each year), in a format adapted to the programme of each library, different from the earlier talks that are already organised in the cities of the cycle.
  • The establishment of an agreement with each of the theatres of the “Òpera a Catalunya” cycle and the libraries, according to the conditions at each one, to offer a discount or low prices for groups so that the people attending the last stage of the project may enjoy the operas in their own cities.

Fundació Òpera a Catalunya itself defrays the cost of the last talk or the literary reading at the libraries, providing a trusted person who will travel to the respective library facilities. Specifically, the prestigious musicographer, art historian and critic Albert Ferrer Flamarich will be in charge of these activities. In this case it would count with the activities.

More information:

Libraries Service of the Department of Culture